Various - smash!

The game works in a simple way, the screen loads and a nice neat computer is there in front of you. It shows a windows error though on the screen, you know like the one you've experienced in the past with your own computer? The one you may be experiencing now! Well by simply hammering down on your left mouse button and guiding your fists and slapping palms to various places on the computer, keyboard and monitor you can hammer down on your computer and give it a real good whacking !

The Game has simple and precise controls making it easy to master and execute. The control for player ‘1’ are “W” is for up, “S” for down, “A” for left and “D” for right movements. The button “O” is for jump and “U” to grab, and the one you are most interested in is “P” for attacking. A hero needs to attack but sometimes also needs to shield themselves that can be done with button “I”. If you are bragging type you can use “1” for taunting. For player ‘2’ Arrows are used for movements with “Num 5” to grab and “Num 4” to taunt. “Num 1” can be used to shield whereas “Num 2” is for jumping and “Num 3” for attacking. So now with this easy to use controls you are ready to fight it out. For more enhanced and unique attacks all you need to do is combine the movement arrows with attack buttons and finish the opponents. Items fall from random places in the arena which you can grab and use to attack your opponent,to affect their status or to shield them. Unlimited fun awaits you at our official website, so start enjoying full Super Smash Flash 2 version of the game, now.

Various - Smash!Various - Smash!Various - Smash!Various - Smash!